28. August 2019
Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s leading provider of products and services for people with chronic kidney failure, is a new member of the Center Smart Services Community!

The company, based in Bad Homburg von der Höhe, which manufactures its own dialysis equipment and products and operates 3,900 dialysis clinics worldwide, employs around 120,000 people today. All of them work following the motto “Make the future liveable. For patients. All over the world. Every day.” They pursue the goal of optimizing the health care system and improving the quality of life of patients. We share a very similar strategy and pursue the goal of supporting and advancing continuous innovations in the field of digital services.

Smart Dialysis Operations: Digital Healthcare Services

It is no surprise we have been able to work together successfully for the last year and a half! The first points of contact took place in February 2018, when we cooperated for our consortium project “Sale of Smart Services”.

In just 12 months and together with five other companies, we have managed to create a product-independent solution for each of the project participants with answers and procedures to questions relating to segmentation criteria, the quantification of benefit promises in and the right channel in the sales of smart services, laying the foundation for our continued collaboration.

During the RWTH-certified course “Smart Service Manager”, representatives of Fresenius Medical Care learned to develop a suitable digitalization strategy, to identify and evaluate the potentials of various smart services and to create their own digital to develop a service portfolio – all of this in a short amount of time! Fresenius Medical Care was also one of the driving partners in the recently published study on “Industrial Machine Learning“.

“The very customer-oriented approach, the good combination of university knowledge and current industrial projects, as well as the positive experiences gained, provided an ideal basis for our decision to become an officially enrolled member of the Center Smart Services Community and thus become part of the Cluster Smart Logistics at the RWTH Aachen Campus. For the future, we look forward to working together to develop innovative topics for customer-centric services with the center and its partners”, explains Michael Luckau, Director Marketing Services.

The enrolment now paves the way for even better and closer cooperation! Together, we will drive innovative services for smart dialysis operations forward.

As part of this cooperation, we are pleased to welcome Max Lüders, Product Manager Services and Solutions at Fresenius Medical Care, as one of the speakers at our Sales Summit. In his keynote speech he will report on the implementation of the experiences gained in the consortial project “Sale of Smart Services”.

The agenda and further information on the Sales Summit can be found here.