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We support industrial companies in establishing and expanding a profitable digital business. True to our motto “Engineering Digital Business”, we are partners in the innovation, development and market launch of new digital products and services. The central pillars of our offering are cross-industry innovation projects and studies, a strong community of industrial companies and technology providers, and tailored consulting and training services.

With our network of numerous companies from the manufacturing industry, the technology sector and the FIR at RWTH Aachen University, we combine applied research with knowledge from industry projects. Our location at the RWTH Aachen Campus enables us to test new technologies in production- and reality-oriented demonstration factories and innovation labs.

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“3 Fragen an“ – neues Format für die Mitgliedervorstellung

Für das Jahr 2023 hat sich das Team des Center Smart Services das Ziel gesetzt, seine Immatrikulanten mit einem neuen Format vorzustellen.  Mit “3 Fragen…

Green Services als Motor für die Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie

Das Bewusstsein für green Services zu steigern, Erfolgsbeispiele zur Nachahmung und Daten über die erfolgreiche Umsetzung zu liefern, ist das Ziel des Konsortial-Benchmarkings „Green Service…

Erfolgreicher Abschluss des Innovationsprojekts „Mehrstufiger Vertrieb digitaler Produkte“

Das Innovationsprojekt „Mehrstufiger Vertrieb digitaler Produkte“, das seit Dezember 2021 mit den Konsortialpartnern Kuntze Instruments, Phoenix Contact, Henkel, Schaeffler und  Kubota lief, wurde am…

Our offer: From idea to business model

We offer a wide range of comprehensive services to accompany you on the path to Industrie 4.0 and new digital business models. Through targeted assessments, we evaluate your existing digital service portfolio and supplement it according to the changing market and customer requirements of your industry. Based on a customer-centric value proposition, we work with you to design viable business models for your digital products or services and support you through to market launch and sales.

Learning together with and from the best

Together with companies from the RWTH Aachen Campus network and other interested partners, we address industry-relevant research questions in cross-sector innovation projects. Together, we develop solutions for industry problems and identify best practices in various areas of digital business in benchmarking studies.
Our Executive Education Program stands for compact and practice-oriented knowledge transfer by top-class speakers from industry and academia. In our courses certified by RWTH Aachen University, we provide the necessary tools to independently build a digital service and product portfolio and develop digital business models.

What makes us unique

By working with us, you benefit not only from our unique alliance of renowned partners, but also from our own process model for developing digital services: Smart Service Engineering. The core of this innovative design model (see right) consists of the rapid development and testing of solution-oriented prototypes that bypass otherwise lengthy and costly analysis and development phases and instead quickly lead to learning successes. Work with us to develop new data-based services and digital business models for your company, too, in a targeted and customer-oriented way that goes beyond the purely technical feasibility of a demonstrator and opens up new market segments! Read more!

Image of the Smart Service Engineering Process


Work with us

Do you also want to build and successfully operate a profitable digital business? Whether you are at the beginning of your digitization strategy, have already successfully implemented innovations, or are facing challenges in selling your digital services: As a member of the Center Smart Services, you will benefit from our unique expert knowledge for the development and management of your digital business. Find out everything about our optimized membership types, their contents and how to work with us here!

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