Engineering Digital Business


Engineering Digital Business

The Center Smart Services

We develop and optimise data-based services in cooperation with our center partners. Our portfolio is aimed at companies who want to explore new business segments or generate value from available company data with the help of new modern ways of data analysis (e.g. Machine-Learning technologies).

Our portfolio includes the development and application of methods of smart services engineering as well as training programs and support with the implementation of smart services. Together with our partners, we develop market-ready solutions for mechanical engineering companies, plant manufacturers and the production industry. Other areas of expertise include the topic of Smart Buildings/Smart Infrastructure and Smart Logistics.

Our upcoming Events:

13.03 -14.03.2019 Aachener Dienstleistungsforum (Service Forum) “Establish Smart Services”
26.03.2019 Future of the textile production chain – digital production
15.05.2019 – 17.05.2019 Further Education Course Smart Service Manager (Module I)
27.05.2019 – 29.05.2019 Further Education Course Smart Service Manager (Module II)
25.06.2019 Center Conference des Center Smart Services
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Digital business models based on current environmental data

In order to make reliable real-time statements and forecasts, you need data. This is precisely the goal that we pursue together with GEOTAB.

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Our aim: Support Digital Business Engineering

We offer you a broad spectrum of different services and options when you work with us. Our aim is to help you move forward on your way towards Industrie 4.0. This includes university-qualified programs for further education and training, the optimization of business processes as well as the development of new business models.

Our portfolio also includes unique possibilities to join our broad international network and work together with partners – all in the framework of our large community at the Smart Logistics Cluster on the RWTH Aachen Campus. Once you have become a part of our community, you will have access to our work groups, our creative inno circles, informative conferences and detailed workshops and courses. Read on to learn more about how you can become part of our community today!

What makes us unique

When working with us, you do not only benefit from our great network of renowned partners, but also from our own process model for the development of new digital services: the so-called Smart Service Engineering. The very core of this innovative design model (right) is a crucial step: The development and testing of solution-oriented prototypes. These help to overcome the usual long and costly period of extensive analyses and development-phases by, instead, targeting one specific problem and thus producing results very quickly. By doing so, the prototypes also help to generate learning results more quickly than standard procedures. Work with us to develop innovative smart services for your company with a clear target and focus on customer satisfaction. Read more to see how we help you to develop smart services way beyond the sole creation of a demonstrator!



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