Redesign customer experiences with digitalization!

Find out how your business customers find their way to you and when and where they choose you instead of the competition! During the consortial project  “B2B Customer Journey ” you will learn how to get hold of information on how and where in the customer journey prospective B2B buyers turn into actual buyers. This knowledge provides the foundation for increasing revenue and returning customers. In Addition to this, optimised customer journeys enable you to offer your customers solutions that meet their actual needs over the course of the entire life-cycle.

In the B2C sector, analogue and digital as well as cross-media customer journeys are already successfully designed to meet customer demands, but although this is the case, many companies shy away from doing the same in the industrial B2B context: the development and analysis is too difficult and the amount of touchpoints and people involved in the buying process that need to be considered too large and complex.


Tobias Leiting
Project Manager
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Long-term B2B customers thanks to successful Customer Journey Management

By participating in this project, you will learn the following over a course of just 12 months:

Ein Team berät vor einem whiteboard zum B2B Customer Journey Konsortialprojekt

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– how to can actively design your excisting B2B-Customer-Journey,
– what kind of analyses you can apply,
– how to use customer details and feedback for your current processes and offerings,
– which companies have already adapted their digital customer journeys to their customer`s needs and can be identified as “Best Practices”
– how to improve your own customer journey with an individual roadmap.



Kick-off for this consorial project is scheduled for Q4 2020. Do you want to participate and become an expert for B2B-Customer Journeys? Send us a message! We are happy to answer any questions or listen to feedback you may have.

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