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Erläuterung des PTC Demonstrators am Center Smart Services

David Willms

The PTC Robot Challenge

PTC’s software solutions support the manufacturing industry in developing, manufacturing, operating and servicing products. In this way, new competitive advantages are achieved in an increasingly intelligent, networked world. In order to test the software solutions mentioned above, PTC has built demonstrators that highlight problems in the manufacturing industry and can be worked through step-by-step and easily using an augmented reality application. One of two PTC robot demonstrators is located at the FIR at the RWTH Aachen University, which will demonstrate the following:

  • The demonstrator should show that it has the ability to generate interference.  (disturbances: vibrations, speed, leakage in the pneumatics)
  • These faults are displayed in real-time on the iPad in the Control Panel.
  • The app installed on the iPad allows you to take on different employee roles, which show different points of view and problem cases.

PTC Robot – Status Quo

At present, there is a heterogeneous industrial environment, which forms a real supply chain with the stations manufacturing (robot arm stacks one puck onto another), quality control (by camera), the warehouse and the pneumatic system. These composite components were provided by different manufacturers. Since this production setup does not show real-time data and quality standards can vary, the exemplary industrial environment was made “IoT-Ready” afterwards. This means that sensors were installed to continuously measure and control temperature, vibrations, quality and speed.

The HP Edgeline with Thingworx is the heart of the “mini factory”, as this is where all data flows together. This way the heterogeneity is lost and the analysed data is filtered on “the edge”. One problem of the HP Edgline is that even with a small factory, large data sets (Big Data) cannot be stored. As a result, only “important” data is passed on.

Demonstratoren am Center Smart Services 2017 Vorführung

David Willms

Neu entwickelte Demonstratoren am Center Smart Services


Operation Modes

The following modes can be selected for the role-specific employee problems and perspectives mentioned above:

  • Overview of the most important KPI’s and upcoming orders. Problem: bearing damage is provoked in order to display on the iPad and the app the damage that is being repaired with VR glasses (Service Manager mode).
  • What happens when a job has to be done quickly? If this is the case, Operation Manager Mode is activated. This mode gives an overview of the different jobs and sources of error. In order to minimize the error rate, tests can be performed, in these by changing the KPI’s on the Control Panel, which can show the consequences that lead to quality restrictions.
  • During Production Manager Mode, all produced lines are displayed and therefore also the possible failures of the lines. Here a quick reaction and intervention is possible, which has the advantage that future production failures can be avoided. A further advantage is the better planning and utilization of the lines.

About PTC

PTC has the most reliable IoT (Internet of Things) technology in the world. In 1986, PTC revolutionized digital 3D development, and in 1998, they were the first to bring an Internet-based PLM system to market. Now, PTC’s IoT and AR platforms and proven solutions link the physical and digital worlds to transform the way products are developed, operated and serviced. With PTC, both the global manufacturing industry and a broad range of partners and developers can already benefit from the possibilities of IoT and drive innovation.

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