IoT Bootcamp

Your access to the industrial Internet of Things (iIoT)

Our IoT Bootcamp gets you ready for Industry 4.0. Using our IoT Connector, we connect your existing machines and plants or place additional sensor technology on a trial basis – within a few days, your production data can thus be read out and used. On this basis, it is possible to prepare large amounts of data by means of real-time analyses, which can serve as the basis for new services and operational process improvements – and all this in just 6 weeks!

Your benefit of the IoT Bootcamp

  • Regardless of whether you have already identified a specific use case or would like to analyze your company’s potential through Industrie 4.0 first: We jointly develop IoT use cases in your company and implement them as prototypes.
  • You will see how you can reduce costs, make processes more efficient and develop new business models using practical examples that fit your processes.
  • To ensure that the prototype can also be used in your company in a series production to add value, we will provide you with recommendations for action and planning for the sustainable anchoring of the results at the end of the project.

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Dr. Dagmar Rütters

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Our promise to you is a fast, effective project execution with tangible results in just three steps. We work with you through three stages that take you from the initial company check to the finished prototype.

Stage 1, IoT-Check, approx. 2 weeks before the bootcamp

  • Day 1: You clarify the technical requirements with our IoT experts

Stage 2, IoT Bootcamp in your company, 1 week

  • Day 2: Strategy: Together with us, you discuss your existing use cases or develop specific use cases on the basis of industrially proven examples and best practices.
  • Day 3: Connectivity: Together with you, we develop an initial paper-based prototype and identify the necessary interfaces and data required for implementation based on personas and user stories. In the afternoon, it’s “hands-on”: We plug in the IoT connector and other sensors in your machinery.
  • Day 4: We start in parallel with the technical implementation (Sprint I) as well as with the development of a suitable digital strategy.
  • Day 5: Final Sprint II for technical implementation and development of new business models and their distribution.

Stage 3, Individual presentation of results, approx. 3 weeks after the bootcamp

  • Day 6: After the IoT bootcamp, our experts will prepare the results and present them to you and your management.
    • Demonstration of the prototype in real use
    • Presentation of the pitch deck to internal stakeholders and, if applicable, external customers
    • Handover of all documentation
    • Roadmap for further scaling of the jointly developed results

Our network of experts

In the IoT Bootcamp, you benefit from the expertise of the P3 Group, the Center Smart Services and the FIR at RWTH Aachen University, which ideally complement each other in this project. As a provider of the IoT shopfloor management software “NeXonic” as well as by providing the IoT Connector, P3 enables a quick connection of machines as well as the analysis and visualization of the collected data. With the modules “Performance” for plant monitoring, “Quality” for quality documentation as well as “Maintenance” for maintenance, classic use cases can be implemented in a short time. Based on the use cases and collected data, the experts at the Center Smart Services and the FIR develop customized data-based services and new business models.

Für die Wirtschaft leistet das FIR einen Beitrag zur Steigerung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit durch die Erforschung und den Transfer innovativer Lösungen der Betriebsorganisation und Unternehmens-IT