IoT Bootcamp

Your access to the industrial Internet of Things (iIoT)

Our IoT bootcamp prepares you for Industrie 4.0. Meet our IoT Connector (also called “suitcase”, see right), which we use to connect your existing machines and plants to the internet or place additional sensors on machines on a trial basis – by doing so, you are able to collect and access data on your production processes within just a matter of days! On this basis it is possible to prepare large amounts of data and achieve real-time analysis, which can serve as the groundwork for new innovative services and operative process improvements … all of this takes only 6 weeks with our IoT bootcamp!

Internet of Things Bootcamp Benefits

  • Experience hands-on results with individual solutions that fit your needs.
  • Together with you we will solve a real business problem!
  • This does not simply result in an IoT flagship project, instead, the bootcamp delivers usable services and a functioning prototype.
  • Learn more about specific examples of how you can reduce costs, make processes more efficient and develop new business models!
Der IoT Connector ermöglicht die zügige Produktanbindung an das Internet der Dinge


Our promise to you is fast, effective project management with tangible results in just three steps. We go through three stages with you, taking you from the first company check to the finished prototype.
Step 1

About two weeks before the bootcamp.
Goal: IoT check.

  • Day 1: You clarify the technical requirements with our IoT experts approx. 2 weeks before the actual bootcamp week.
Step 2 

1 week IoT bootcamp at your company.

  • Day 2: Strategy: Develop use cases based on industry-proven examples and best practices.
  • Day 3: Connectivity: Identify interfaces through which you can obtain relevant data and thus understand the potential of IoT technologies and networking.
  • Day 4: Prototyping Sprint 1:Technical implementation and development of a suitable digital strategy.
  • Day 5: Prototyping Sprint 2: Technical implementation and development of new business models and their distribution.
Step 3
About 3 weeks after the bootcamp.
Goal: Individual presentation of results.
  • Day 6: Once the IoT bootcamp is over, our experts will prepare the results and present them to you and your management:
  • Prototype demonstration in operation.
    Presentation of the pitch deck to external customers and internal stakeholders.
  • Handover of the entire bootcamp documentation.
  • Project planning for further scaling of the result we developed together.