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Vorführung der Flowserve Pumpe am Center Smart Services in Aktion

David Willms

Flowserve Pump – Maintenance via Cloud Services and Augmented Reality

In the age of digital connection, data collection and data storage in cloud systems, the internationally renowned Company Flowserve decided to work with the FIR at RWTH Aachen University on an exciting Project. In the future, the maintenance of insfrastructure plants shall be performed via Cloud Services and augmented reality glasses.

The Flowserve Location in Essen, Germany, which is the worldwide leading provider for Services in the area of industrial flow Management, faces this challenge together with the FIR.

The Challenge

On of the issues  this project had to solve is the fact that the producing waterpumps are a critical infrastructure plant, because they have very long life-cycles and are not digitally connected. As a result, Flowserve faces the problem of having to deal with very costly repairs and maintenance services for these plants on-site. In addition to this, the retro-Fitting of analogue plants is very complex and time-consuming.

To meet these challenges and find solutions for them, the FIR received a Flowserve pump as a prototype to work on. This prototype was altered and fitted with additional functions in such a way that the team was able to carry out first Tests quickly. In order to be able to present a best practice case, the collected data was evaluated in a next step.

Vorführung der Flowserve Pumpe am Center Smart Services

David Willms

Bild der FLOWSERVE Pumpe am Center Smart Services



The successful integration of the plant into the Internet of Things lead to the following results:

  • The plant is aware of its own condition and adjusts to the Environment in order to achieve best-possible maintenance.
  • A technician on-site receives support when carrying out repairs via Augmented Reality solutions on his tablet.
  • Mintenance supervisor, technician and customer all have access to operating data.
  • When Problems occur, they are registered and analysed automatically. Solution suggestions are listed.
  • It is also possible to re-calibrate remotely from a distance and solve problems.
  • If parts are missing, they can be ordered via tablet.

About Flowserve

Flowserve is a globally operating and recognized providor of pumps, seals and valves and services for the water, energy, oil, gas and chemical industries and other segments.

Flowserve, based in Essen, Germany, is the world’s leading provider of industrial flow management services. The company manufactures specially designed pumps, precision seals, manual and automatic rotary valves, control valves and actuators. In addition, Flowserve offers a comprehensive range of complementary flow management services, primarily for the process industry.

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