17. June 2019

The Aachen-based company P3 specializes in the areas of electric mobility, autonomous driving, digital and connected services as well as business innovations, which makes it the ideal partner for the Center Smart Services community! Since its founding in 1996, P3 has always attracted more experts and expanded and now employs more than 1,000 members of staff at 17 different locations.

In all projects, P3’s own “hands-on mentality” is particularly important. Creativity, innovation and close cooperation are always a top priority. With this practical approach, ultra-modern topics such as autonomous, electrified and networked mobility are pushed forward – and not just in the automotive environment. P3 develops strategies for customers to help new ideas, projects and innovations move forward.

Whilst doing so, P3 follows an end-2-end approach, as can be seen when it comes to activities in the area of Smart Services: From the initial idea to the business model conception, the development and piloting of MVPs to the implementation and safeguarding of the series product as well as the final market launch, customers are always closely accompanied. This culture of active participation is also reflected in the company`s growth. Every year, two new companies, which turn into subsidiaries of P3, are founded by and with the help of the P3 experts. The experience gathered from experiences like this is incorporated into the in-house consulting approach.

The community of the Center Smart Services can now also benefit from P3`s expertise: Due to the many shared interest and the very similar approach of working on and with innovations, P3 and the Center Smart Services are ideal partners. We look forward to working together, which is possible due to the new enrolment of P3s at the Center. Just like us, P3 believes in the power of the collective, because together we can achieve so much more! Together, it is now necessary to use scientifically sound methods and models in order to develop solutions in the field of Internet of Things and Digital Business to support digitalization. We are excited about all our upcoming joint activities and say: Welcome! It is great to have you on board.