14. September 2020

Customer Insights – Five companies selected

Customer Insights, the knowledge of the customer’s needs, is the key to a comprehensive 360° customer understanding and a fundamental element on the way to more customer centricity. In the digital age, the possibilities of collecting, linking and evaluating data about the customer and profitably feeding the insights back into business processes are more diverse than ever before. At the same time, this presents companies with the challenge of identifying and implementing the right approaches.

Benchmarking study to identify top performers and best practices

For this purpose, we have conducted a benchmarking study together with our consortium partners P3, AGCO, Miele, Groupe PSA, Fresenius Medical Care and Hilti in order to determine the success factors for Customer Insights Management on the one hand and to identify companies that have already successfully implemented them on the other hand. The basis for the study is a framework specifically designed for the project, which divides Customer Insights Management into five relevant design fields or phases:
– Definition of strategy, goals and KPIs
– Consideration of relevant data sources
– Linking and evaluation of the data
– feedback of the findings into the business processes and
– Design of the organization, use of internal and external resources.

Study results deliver 16 principles for successful Customer Insights Management

A total of 120 companies answered the extensive questionnaire, which highlighted the most important aspects of each step in detailed questions. Of the nearly 30 top performers that we were able to identify based on the study results, we conducted 13 detailed interviews to learn more about the strategies and processes surrounding their customer insights management. From the findings of the questionnaire study and the valuable insights into practical implementation, we derived 16 principles of success for establishing Customer Insights in the company.

Company visits to  E.ON, Wacker Neuson, Audi, Linde Material Handling and Vorwerk International

We presented the results of the study to the consortium. The consortium selected five companies from anonymous case studies based on our detailed interviews. The selected companies convinced with particularly successful solutions, strategies or approaches. We are very pleased to gain deeper insights into the process and the collection of customer insights of the companies E.ON, Wacker Neuson, Audi, Linde Material Handling as well as Vorwerk International in cooperation with Westphalia DataLab during company visits in the next months!
After the successful completion of the company visits, the companies will be awarded within the scope of the 24th Aachen Service Forum, to which we cordially invite all interested parties already now.
We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all the companies that took part in our study. You will exclusively receive the Management Summary of the Benchmarking.
Do you have any questions about our project or would you like to learn more about Customer Insights? Feel free to contact our colleagues Lennard Holst or Dr. Dagmar Rütters, we look forward to hearing from you!