indirekter Vertrieb
28. September 2020

Indirect distribution of digital products

Digital products present new challenges to the previously established structures of manufacturer, dealer and service partner as well as customer. Digital products offer customers direct added value and provide manufacturers with the opportunity to gain insights into the usage phase of their products. At the same time, dealers have little interest in selling digital products due to the high distribution costs of digital products and the small sales volume compared to machines.

Studienergebnisse liefern 16 Prinzipien für ein erfolgreiches Customer Insights Management
14. September 2020

Turning customer Data into valuable insights

Customer Insights, the knowledge of the customer’s needs, is the key to a comprehensive 360° customer understanding and a fundamental element on the way to more customer centricity.

We asked Johannes Nießen | P3 | Partner
7. September 2020

We asked Johannes Nießen | P3 | Partner

We were looking for a partner who, like us, not only talks about the challenges of digitalization, but also knows these challenges from application and generates individual solutions based on his knowledge.

Intelligente Produkte bieten ihrem Anbieter, als auch dessen Kunden signifikante Vorteile.
19. August 2020

Smart Products

The aim of the new consortium benchmark is to identify exciting approaches to implementing smart products and to take a look behind the scenes of learning from usage data. The focus is on the cross-company exchange of smart products through the consortium benchmark

Frank Lagemann | GreenGate AG im Interview
6. August 2020

We asked Frank Lagemann | GreenGate AG | CEO

We are primarily interested in being directly involved in new ideas, developments and trends. Be it in project-accompanying committees, as participants in events, as networkers in the respective communities or as active players in application-oriented research.

#CoroNO Spendenaktion zur Center Conference
22. June 2020


Our Center Conference tomorrow is intended to be a conference with added value this year, not only in terms of content, but also for society. That is why we are supporting the Cologne charity projects #coroNO and #JoinTheClub with the conference this year.

High Tech industrie factory // Industriebetrieb Solarzellen
12. June 2020

Digital Product Manager

The course, which was previously called “Smart Service Manager” has now a new title, teaches specialists and managers in the areas of digitization strategy, product development and market launch essential digital skills in just six days.