16. February 2022

Digital twin – lived reality, but that’s not how it works?

In the course of Industry 4.0 and digitalization, many companies have put the introduction of digital twins on their strategic roadmap.
This often means expanding the sensor technology on the machines in order to generate and transmit more relevant data. A common mistake then is to underestimate the actual use cases that can occur in the life of a machine. Depending on the use case, other data then becomes relevant and other sensor technology is required.
Only when all relevant data has been collected can customer benefits be increased and monetized accordingly through targeted processing of this data.

The overarching questions are therefore:

  • Which use cases exist?
  • Which data is relevant for which use case and how can it be obtained?
  • Which business models can be implemented to monetize the data?

In the real elaboration, further questions then open up, such as:

  • Which components and interfaces are required?
  • Which prediction is possible and reasonable by which sensor technology on machines?
  • How can I create development models quickly and effectively?
  • What data is required for this?
  • What relationships exist in the value network?
  • How can value creation be made even more efficient?
  • Which factors play a role in the performance or service life of a machine and how can these be measured?
  • How can more flexible products with reduced time-to-market be designed?
  • Which digital business models (e.g. X-as-a-Service, Pay-per-X) open up through the application of the technology?

These questions remain completely or partially unanswered in the specific case of each individual company. As a result, there is a lack of clarity, both technologically and in terms of business management. The concrete benefit of the collected data is no longer clearly recognizable and the project cannot be completed successfully.

The path to your individual Digital Twin strategy

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? In cooperation with the team of the Center Smart Sensing Systems we help you to understand the requirements for your company and to implement them in an economically reasonable way:

  • In the first step, we work with you to define your individual challenges in the aspect of “digital twin”.
  • In the second step, we check which potentials are not yet exhausted and show you technological solutions to realize the digital twin in your company and to fully exploit its potential.
    The focus is not only on functionality (e.g. meaningful predictions) but also on usability (e.g. optimization of the human-machine interface for a specific use case).
  • In the third step, we open up the business models that are made possible by the use of the technologies. Because only with the right monetization strategy is a return on investment plannable and realistic.
  • In the fourth step, we will jointly gather the technologies and business models for your case in a one-day workshop and create a roadmap together.

Become part of this unique innovation project and develop or optimize your individual Digital Twin strategy together with us and the Center Smart Sensing Systems and furthermore receive:

  • Cross-industry insights into the successful use of digital twins.
  • Get to know and implement the interaction of technical solutions with economic potentials

Have we sparked your interest? Would you like to learn more about the consortium?