1. April 2020

Your access to the industrial “Internet of Things” (iIoT)

With the help of our Internet of Things Bootcamp, you can experience how machines in your company can be connected digitially – in just six weeks!

Together with experts of the P3 Group we define the goals you want to achieve by networking your existing equipment and connecting it to the Internet of Things. We analyze which data can be collected and used for specific insights and equip your machines with the necessary sensor technology accordingly – see for yourself how your production can be improved by connected machines and plants that! By means of our so-called “IoT Connector”, a specially developed toolkit that comes in a handy suitcase, existing machinery can be updated on site so that meaningful production data is available in the shortest possible time. We offer support in improving existing processes and products, developing new services and offers or making them the basis of a new digital business model.

Advantages of the IoT Bootcamp

  • Short processing time: Results in only six weeks!
  • Tangible results using networking solutions that are adapted to your processes.
  • Discover the optimization potential of your own company environment!
  • The connected machines allow for an easy condition and production monitoring and reduced down-times which, in return, leads to cost savings.

Rapid Prototyping in three Steps

The implementation of the IoT Boot Camp involves just three steps! The time and effort you have to invest only covers approx. 6 days. Together with you, we will complete the following steps within a period of only six weeks:

  1. IoT-Check. When? Week 1. What? You invest 1 day to analyze the status quo with our IoT experts and determine the goals to be achieved.
  2. Bootcamp. When? Week 3. What? 4 days of Bootcamp at your site. Development of use cases tailored to your needs, design and elaboration of prototypes and digitalization strategy.
  3. Presentation of the results. When? Week 6. What? 1 day, during which the demonstration of the prototypes as well as the documentation of the results, the handover of the developed pitch deck for internal and external communication purposes and the planning of possible future scaling projects will take place.

We will help you to put together a suitable project team, carry out the potential analysis and show you how to create a useful database to increase performance and develop service innovations by using a minimal amount of sensors and interfaces. This means that in just six weeks, you will hold actual results in your hands that will help you to successfully implement the developed digitalization strategy and realize optimization potential!