27. February 2019
During the last year we asked ourselves the following questions together with our consortium partners:

  • How can customers be made aware of the benefits of data-based services?
  • What strategies exist to gain customer confidence?
  • How to develop skills and qualifications needed to sell Smart Services?

Last week we presented the solutions, evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the consortium partners and were able to work out the optimal procedure for each company on the basis of an assessment based on the 4 phases. The challenge in this project was not the different industries of the project partners, but the different approaches they took in selling Smart Services. While all partners have already thought about how customer segmentation can be carried out with existing criteria, only a few partners have already applied new methods such as a readiness assessment for customers.
The situation was similar in the area of sales organization control. The majority of the partners offer technical second-level support for the sales staff’s customer meetings, but only a few have a special Smart Service Controlling or a key account for this area in their sales management. Pricing has also been approached by all partners analogous to their real products, licensing strategies or bundle offers were hardly available. With our dedicated approach, divided into 8 topic clusters, we were able to focus on each topic and show the partners the next sensible step in the development of sales.

In this way, each participant in the study received a product-independent set of solutions with answers and procedures to questions relating to segmentation criteria, the quantification of benefit promises in monetary terms, and the right channel in the sale of Smart Services.
If you are also faced by the challenges of introducing and selling Smart Services, we will be happy to help you develop the optimal sales strategy for your Smart Services