30. May 2022

Welcome, FANUC Corporation

FANUC, the world leader in factory automation for CNC controllers, robots and production machines (ROBODRILL, ROBOCUT, ROBOSHOT), is now an official member of our community!
Since 1956, FANUC has been the pioneer in the development of numerically controlled equipment in the automation industry. Today, our new member has more than 100 robot models, making it the world’s largest range of industrial robots. With over 270 FANUC locations worldwide and more than 8,000 employees, FANUC offers a dense network in sales, technical support, research & development, logistics and customer support.

Successful development of digital services

In the past, there have already been several points of contact between us and our new member around the topics of service portfolio and service level agreement. Cooperations in which the factory automation company convinced itself of the possibilities at the RWTH Aachen Campus. They have tested our capabilities and now want to build and develop our digital services as part of the enrollment.
With this partnership, FANUC can benefit from our expertise and the expertise of the community, improve existing digital services and create new digital services. In addition, FANUC will benefit from our experience in customer-centric service alignment and digital product pricing. For the Japanese electronics and mechanical engineering company, membership is therefore the ideal opportunity to develop innovative digital services along the customer journey with us, to participate in working groups, online events and innovation projects, to have employees trained in our certificate courses and, of course, to take part in our numerous specialist events.