25. November 2019

Smart Service Check: Your guideline for successful Smart Services

How does a first idea become a ready-to-sell Smart Service? What needs to be considered when setting up digital services and how do you make sure you have thought of everything? Our new tool “Smart Service Check” gives you access to a structured check of your Smart Services. It is now available!

Advantages of our “Smart Service Check”

  • Insights into the development of a market-ready and value-adding Smart Service through consistent application of the tool,
  • Intensive examination of the own offer, the customers and their requirements,
  • Evaluation of own measures, strengths and weaknesses by intensive determination of the status quo,
  • Derivation of a concrete guideline for action, which you can use as a guide when implementing your Smart Service

The tool is intended for companies that want to gain insights into the systematic development of Smart Services. As a result of many years of project work with industrial companies, the “Smart Service Check” with concrete recommendations for action covers all design fields that need to be considered for the implementation of successful Smart Services. The practical design of the check guides experienced users to take a comprehensive look at the development.

Successful Smart Services: From intelligent products to business models

With the Smart Service Check, you not only keep an eye on the service itself, but also on the associated intelligent, networked product and the level of data analysis. The complexity in the development of a Smart Service due to the large number of business areas involved often leads to the fact that a service innovation is literally “passed by the customer”. Applied correctly, the “Smart Service Check” ensures that this does not happen to you and provides you with a tool with which you can check the consistency of existing Smart Services. For this purpose, it presents a detailed regulatory framework that breaks down all essential dimensions for you. If you follow the verification logic that the tool provides, all relevant aspects are included in the development of your new Smart Service. For example, customer wishes are clearly brought into focus in order to ensure that the service fits as closely as possible with existing customer requirements. In addition, the tool offers you the important option of comparing your current work status with a previously determined target value. This allows you to always reflect on how your progress is to be assessed.

Get access to the tool now and see how the development of market-ready Smart Services can be organised and clearly targeted! Do you need further support in the application of the “Smart Service Check” in practice, the identification of basic Smart Service potential or the development of your own digitalization strategy? Do not hesitate to get in touch!
As proven experts in the development of digital service innovations, we actively support leading companies in the manufacturing industry in building a profitable digital business with optimized pricing models and successful Smart Services.

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