15. April 2020

Fast and strategic Development of Digital Business Models

In just 6 days, you can learn how to identify trends in the area of digital product management, analyze opportunities and orchestrate necessary measures accordingly to build a successful digital business in the manufacturing industry. Develop new concepts using case studies for the sustainable design of new business models and learn how to optimize them with the help of an in-depth analysis as well as the identification of weak points and potential. And not just in theory but in practice: In our workshops you will apply what you have learned and ensure the transfer of your new expertise into business practice. The course starts on 16.9.2020!

Who is the course suitable for?

Rapid economic change and disruptive business models are changing entire markets and confronting managing directors, service managers, business development managers and product and project managers with the challenge of developing their own company quickly and strategically.

This is where the RWTH Aachen University certified course Digital Business Developer comes in. In this course, you will expand your existing skill set, learn to analyze and question existing business models and processes and, as a result, be able to build, develop, manage and sell your company’s digital product portfolio.

What will you learn?

Learn to recognize and question outdated thought patterns, identify market potential, quickly understand customer needs and, based on this, tailor new digital products to what your customers want. In this way you will promote customer loyalty and enable a successful market launch of new products. You will generate the necessary comprehensive methodological knowledge for this in our practical and innovative workshops.

Main topics of the course:

  • Positioning and potentials of digital markets
  • Customer Journey and Experience Design
  • Business model development for digital products
  • Management of digital units
  • Cooperation with Start-Ups
  • Successful distribution of digital products

Become a Digital Business Developer and get the tools you need to drive your business forward by strengthening and developing your own business model and existing processes!

After successful course participation and completing the final exam, you will receive the RWTH certificate “Digital Business Developer”.