26. June 2019

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Our new project to increase customer satisfaction through digitalization will begin shortly! Become part of the 12-month Digital B2B Customer Journey project and learn all about the ideal conditions that are required  to create customer journeys that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your customers.

Satisfied B2B customers thanks to successful customer journey management

A successful digital B2B customer journey increases customer satisfaction and creates an important factor for long-term customer relationships. In this way, valuable customer insights are made possible and sustainable, economic success is generated. This can be achieved by strategically linking on- and offline touchpoints with the customer. As part of our new project, this link is achieved through a procedure model developed on the basis of case studies conducted by us and the consortium.

Digitization as a tool to increase customer satisfaction

The need for a method for developing these B2B customer journeys is obvious: Today, customers are also approaching the B2B sector with ever-increasing demands on companies. By improving the individualization of the customer journey based on digitalization, providers can meet these demands.

More effective as part of a consortium

As part of the project, we are working with you and a cross-industry consortium to develop a successful digital B2B customer journey. The model helps participating companies meet customer needs at every point in the customer journey. It is based on best practices, which are determined by a market analysis as well as complementary qualitative surveys and serve as concrete design examples. The procedure model provides innovative steps for the current as well as future corporate situation. The project is aimed at representatives, executives and experts from the areas of strategy development, business development, product management, service and sales of companies in the B2B context, which in addition to physical products, services and smart offer services.

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Tobias Leiting
Project Manager
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