19. March 2019

Ford Case Competition

It was an exciting case and a complete success for Ford. In November 2018, the company gave students the task of “Define the commercial vehicle of the future through development of new innovative business models and services around the Ford…

18. March 2019

Digital Business Development

Should not especially digital business models, bearing so much potential, have a considerable share in specifying a digital impact direction? Moreover, which capabilities do producing companies

27. February 2019

Guide to sale Smart Services

78 solution modules sorted according to 8 topic clusters divided into 4 phases, that’s the result of the study on the sale of Smart Services

18. December 2018

2018: The year in review

The end of the year is a good time to look back at what we achieved in 2018. Therefore, we have briefly summarized our highlights of the year. These include the consortium study “Sales of Smart Services” as well as the study “Future of Facility Management”, both of which will be completed at the beginning of 2019.

10. December 2018

New Benchmarking: Make us of Subscription Business!

Smart services are no longer the only trend topic when it comes to the competitiveness of companies in Industrie 4.0: Once a new digital service has been offered successfully, the relationship between customer and the service-provoding company is almost obsolete – in most cases.

21. November 2018

Welcome, Viessmann

We Create Living Spaces For Generations to come” – this is the motto of the more than 100-year-old family business Viessmann. The company was one of the first in its industry to take up the challenges of digitisation and took advantage of the opportunities offered by digital services at an early stage. Online functions in Viessmann devices are now standard and topics such as IoT and Smart Home applications are part of day-to-day business.