Vertrieb von digitalen Produkten
7. May 2021

How do you successfully sell digital products?

In the meantime, the approach outlined above has been extensively tested and further developed. With its 77 methods and recommendations for action, it contains a detailed catalogue of measures to advance the distribution of digital products in a targeted manner. With the help of these methods and measures,

Funk Gruppe
14. April 2021

Funk Alliance

“With this cooperation, we are specifically expanding our sustained commitment in the field of digital risk prevention and now have even more opportunities to test the application in real operational practice together with our customers and partners from the insurance industry,” says Hendrik F. Löffler, managing partner of Funk. “This is unprecedented among industrial insurance brokers in Germany.”

Sieger der Case Competition WS2021
9. March 2021

Case Competition 2021

This competition enables companies to have relevant business cases worked on by students from RWTH Aachen University, and thus from a completely different perspective.

AR im Serviceeinsatz im Fabrikumfeld
16. November 2020

Using AR in Service

AR enables the documentation of maintenance operations and troubleshooting, and thus a successive accumulation of work instructions, which are supplemented by multimedia content, and

indirekter Vertrieb
28. September 2020

Indirect distribution of digital products

Digital products present new challenges to the previously established structures of manufacturer, dealer and service partner as well as customer. Digital products offer customers direct added value and provide manufacturers with the opportunity to gain insights into the usage phase of their products. At the same time, dealers have little interest in selling digital products due to the high distribution costs of digital products and the small sales volume compared to machines.