The future of textile production

The future of the textile production chain

Zukunft der textilen Kette – Chancen durch Digitalisierung


The textile production needs to cater to the interests of a large number of different parties involved: Customers demand better products, a larger product variety and more services. The textile manufacturers wish to have shorter lead times, a more transparent supply chain and higher efficiency. Traders, on the other hand, want to improve their deliveries and reduce their stock. Possible solutions for all of these aspects can be found in digitisation, which helps to overcome traditional boundaries. By doing so, optimising potential arises and the possibility to include numerous stakeholders in the textile added value chain. At the same time, any potential risks of the ongoing digitisation need to be kept in mind, as Industrie 4.0 also changes the entire market situation.

The Cluster Smart Logistics (Focus on information logistics) cooperates with PTC GmbH and ITA Academy GmbH Aachen to present you our latest Event series, which is dedicated to the textile production industry and has the mission to find new ways for companies heading towards business in an increasingly digitised world. After the first successful event of this kind in the beginning of October, the second one is scheduled for 26.03.2019. The agenda for this event is still to be announced.

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Future of the textile production chain (part II)
When: 26.03.2019
Where: Digital Capability Center (DCC) Aachen Vaalser Str. 460, 52074 Aachen
What: Expert presentations as well as interactive elements

More Information to follow!

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