Sales Summit

Sales Summit: How to sell Digital Products

Vertrieb von digitalen Produkten

A successful digital business is no coincidence, it relies on a strong distribution and sale concept as a central success factor. The sale of digital products differs fundamentally from product and service distribution due to new characteristics. Accordingly, a procedure tailored to digital products must be implemented for success.

In our consortial project “Sale of Smart Services”, we have developed a structured approach for the successful market launch and scaling of digital products, together with 23 companies from different industry branches. The result: 78 solution elements, organised by topic in 8 different subjects and structured in 4 phases which need to be followed to achieve successful market introduction and sales of a new digital product.

If you are also facing the challenge of wanting to introduce a new smart Service to the market and sell it successfully, do not miss out on this opportunity!

You have decided that our event “Sales Summit 2020” will take place online on 22.09.2020.


09:00 Welcome & Keynote speech: Distribution of digital products
09:45 Industry Keynote
10:15 Industry Keynote
10:45 Workshop: Your DIY Playbook in 60 minutes
11:45 Discussion
12:15 End of event