Center Smart Services events for Service Manager and CEOs

Create a significant competition advantage for you and your company by visiting our center events and taking part in our workshops and seminars, certified by the RWTH Aachen University! As a manager or CEO you constantly face the challenge of having to recognize digital trends before anyone else, of evaluating them and acting accordingly in order to be successful – now as well as in the near future. This requires not only an in-depth understanding of technological developments and digital transformation in general but also of the handling of smart services.
The Center Smart Services, which is part of the Smart Logistics Cluster, helps you and your company with this daily challenge. To do so, we offer different kinds of seminars, workshops and certified further education courses. They are designed to teach you and your employees the necessary key competencies required to master the challenges that arise with the transformations that are part of digitization. In addition to this, our conferences and so-called InnoCircles offer the possibility to get in touch with our center community and talk about experiences the community members have made.

Current events – Overview

17.09.2019 Sales Summit How to sell a Smart Service
24.10.2019 LogObject Experience Day
05.11.2019 Future of the textile production chain – Smart Business due to Smart Services
06. – 08.11.2019 Further Education Course Business Transformation Manager (Module I)
13. – 14.11.2019 Convention on Digital Opportunities “Digital Value”
13. – 15.11.2019 Further Education Course Smart Service Manager (Module I)
19. – 21.11.2019 Further Education Course Business Transformation Manager (Module II)
25. – 27.11.2019 Further Education Course Smart Service Manager (Module II)
12.12.2019 Insights Cluster Smart Logistics



RWTH-certified course “Smart Service Manager” (Module I and II)

Another round of the RWTH-certified “Smart Service Manager” course just finished in May this year – the next course is available in Fall 2019! Each course module lasts for three days each. They require your personal attendance, as you will be working on business cases and participate in seminars. You will learn valuable insights regarding the topics of current digital service trends and developments. Presentations and interesting real industrial cases will show you the potential benefits of smart services and how to handle them.

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RWTH-certified course „Business Transformation Manager – how to successfully transform businesses “ (Module I and II)

This course targets different department specialists and CEOs. It will teach all the competencies and skills required to guide and influence complex company changes. The course is a fully certified offer with RWTH Aachen University certification. It is highly practice-oriented and will focus on the overall topic of Transformation Management. Use this opportunity now and qualify yourself for this highly up-to-date topic!

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Andreas Steindl

Aachener Dienstleistungsforum 2020

The service event “Dienstleistungsforum”, located in Aachen, has grown into one of the most important events in the area of industrial services over the last couple of years. It has also grown into an ideal platform for companies of all sizes to meet and share their experiences with each other. The event compines a symposium, an exibition and an evening event. The next service event “Dienstleistungsforum” is scheduled for 11-12.3.2020.

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Future of the textile production chain

The Event series “Future of the textile chain” is dedicated to the optimisation of textile production processes and the development of digital business models along the textile production chain. The Smart Logistics cluster, PTC GmbH and ITA Academy GmbH have joined forces to look at this chain in great detail and make sure all stakeholders are taken into consideration. Together with representatives of renowned textile companies, manufacturers, garment manufacturers and retailers, they look at individual sections of the chain at individual so-called Experience Days and examine them to uncover hidden opportunities and potential risks. Central topics are, for example, the networking of IT and production processes to create a more flexible and customer-specific production. The use of real-time data for preventive machine maintenance, which prevents downtimes and thus increases quality and efficiency, or the use of smart assistance systems to support monotonous or complex workflows makes it possible to ensure a flexible assignment of production staff.

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