Meet our Center Smart Services Team

We, the Center Smart Services team, develop data-based smart services. We made it our goal to support companies involved in mechanical engineering and construction as well as production companies. By helping them to design, develop and implement market-ready smart services, we wish to contribute to the industrial transformation of Industrie 4.0. Are you currently facing the challenge of digitalization, too? Do you want to develop a unique smart service solution to solve a specific problem? Do you want to create new business opportunities or would you maybe like to join our team by becoming one of our project managers? Contact us for further information and feel free to send us a message.

The Center Smart Services Team

Profilfoto von Centerleiter am Center Smart Services Benedikt Moser

Benedikt Moser, M.Sc.

Managing Director

Sabrina Aboulkacem Web Developer

Sabrina Aboulkacem

Web Developer

Profilfoto von Sabine Bergs, Center Smart Services

Sabine Bergs

Head of Strategic Account Management and Marketing

Lukas Bruhns

Lukas Bruhns

Project Manager

Profilfoto von Eni Ceca, Ansprechpartnerin im Bereich Human Resources

Eni Ceca

HR Recruiter

Profilfoto von Project Manager Florian Defèr

Dipl.-Ing. Florian Defèr

Project Manager

Profilfoto von Marcel Faulhaber, Project Manager des Center Smart Services

Marcel Faulhaber, M.Sc.

Project Manager

Project Manager Jana Frank

Jana Frank, Dr.

Project Manager

Alisa Friedrich, Junior Project Manager am Center Smart Services

Alisa Friedrich, M.Sc.

Project Manager

Christian Holper, Project Manager am Center Smart Services

Christian Holper, M.Sc.

Project Manager

Profilfoto Project Manager Lennard Holst

Lennard Holst, M.Sc.

Project Manager

Profilfoto von Senior Project Manager Kriz Lee

Dipl.-Ing. Kriz Lee

Senior Project Manager

Profilfoto des Center Smart Services Projektmanagers Tobias Leiting

Tobias Leiting, M.Sc.; M.Sc.

Project Manager

Calvin Rix Project Manager

Calvin Rix, M.Sc.

Project Manager

Profilfoto von Senior Project Managerin Dagmar Rütters

Dr. Dagmar Rütters

Senior Project Manager

Ansprechpartner des Center Smart Services Maximilan Schacht

Maximilian Schacht, M.Sc.

Project Manager

Regina Schrank Project Manager

Regina Schrank, M.Litt.

Project Manager

Lea Wietschorke

Lea Wietschorke

Working Student Learning & Development

Do you want to be a part of the Center Smart Services? Have a look at our career opportunities and see how you can join our team – while you are still at university as well as after you have finished your degree! We look forward to receiving your application!