Smart Products

Your way to a Smart Product

Smart Products provide data-driven services for the customer and enable the manufacturer to collect, evaluate and learn from data. This improves customer understanding and benefits both customer and manufacturer. Together with you, we will identify the potential of Smart Products and develop concepts for their implementation. Among other things, together we will answer those questions:

  • What new opportunities does a Smart Product offer to realize customer-centric business models?
  • Which value-added services, such as data-based vulnerability assessment, automated replenishment of consumables, subscription models, can I offer my customers based on my smart product?
  • How must the IT architecture of product and platform be designed in order to be able to realize data-driven services?


Christian Holper
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Max-Ferdinand Stroh
+49 241 47705-510
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Unser Konsortialbenchmarking - Ihr Weg zum intelligenten Produkt


Profit from our unique consortium benchmark

  • Together with us, you can define the main topics of the benchmarking. With the help of the main topics, a questionnaire for the benchmarking will be created and sent to numerous companies.
  • Based on the completed questionnaires, we identify companies with interesting approaches to the implementation of Smart Products
  • From the interesting approaches we jointly select particularly successful companies and visit them.
  • Learn from direct exchange with other companies and get best practice solutions.
  • Establish valuable contacts with companies working on the same issues as you.
  • Profit from the competence of service and information management of FIR and the experience in the execution of benchmarking studies

The kick-off of benchmarking is planned for March 2021. If you want to participate, please contact us! We are always available for your questions and suggestions.

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