Smart MedTech Development

Agile development in medical technology

Technological advances and rapidly changing customer requirements are putting medical technology companies under pressure to develop product and service innovations faster and more flexibly. This often fails, however, because existing development methods cannot be transferred to medical technology without adaptations and because there is insufficient experience in the field of service development. New regulations, such as the Medical Device Regulation (MDR), add to the problem, as the development of new medical technology products requires the correct application and compliance with the given regulations. The new Smart MedTech consortial project aims to make it easier for companies to carry out development projects in the field of medical technology and, at the same time, to achieve agile access to useful services and products.


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Benefit from our unique project

Within twelve months you will learn how to design innovation and development processes for medical technology products and related services as well as digital data-based business models.


– Get to know the available development methods and develop a suitable methodology for your own project, including a detailed guide and workshop concept

– Establish valuable contacts and direct exchange with other companies on the subject of medical technology development and gain valuable knowledge, experience and practical suggestions.

–  Receive access to successful practice approaches from different industries

The kick-off for the consortium project is scheduled for April 2020. If you would like to participate in the project and become an expert in the development of medical technology innovations and services, feel free to send us a message! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or suggestions regarding this topic.

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