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Crowd Innovation: Industry problems, solved by creative students

Companies are often faced with the challenge of having to develop innovative solutions for already well-known problems. One way to find particularly imaginative and often unexpected new ideas is a student competition: Use cases are solved by students of different universities, such as the renowned Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH). For eight years now, the FIR at the RWTH Aachen organises a creativity competition in co-operation with the Walter Eversheim donation. Since its foundation in 2015, the Center Smart Services has also been actively involved in the implementation of the competition. Every year, students from all disciplines are asked to solve the problems of new business partners. Whether it is an innovative service for fitness wristbands, new business models for industrial machine-to-machine applications or concepts for intelligent spare parts logistics – every year the Case Competition offers students the opportunity to work on practice-relevant topics, to get to know internationally operating companies and to convince them with their creative solutions.

Fresh ideas for new solutions

In recent years, more than 250 students have already taken advantage of the opportunity to get a taste of practical experience at international companies. Siemens, Philips, Lufthansa Technik Logistik, Deutsche Telekom, StreetScooter, DMG Mori, SMS Digital, Bosch Thermotechnik, KUKA Robotics and Materialise, for example, have been among the participants in recent years. The students were able to develop and present their own solutions for realistic practical problems. In recognition of their concepts, the winners will receive attractive prizes for their inventiveness. But the participating companies also benefit from having external, interdisciplinary teams work on a problem that is relevant to them. The often quoted “look beyond the end of the nose” offers companies the opportunity to tackle problems with fresh ideas. The projects of recent years have shown that student solutions sometimes have such great potential that companies want to implement them directly in their business processes. Often the students themselves get the chance to do so by completing an internship at the company following the competition or by writing their thesis there and, as a result, being involved in the implementation of their idea themselves – a win-win situation for both parties.

Case Competition – maybe with you in the near future?

Would you like to play an active part in our competition and have interdisciplinary teams of creative young students work on a use case you provided? Let yourself be inspired by the case competitions of the last few years and contact us for more information!

Get in touch: Maximilian Schacht is happy to help.

Your advantages as a participating company:

  • Use the innovation potential of the crowd
  • New insights into your company through a change of perspective
  • Development of new business models in interdisciplinary teams
  • Implementation of project ideas in the form of internships or theses
  • Personnel recruitment opportunities at the renowned RWTH Aachen University

Your advantages if you are a participating student:

  • Work in an interdisciplinary team on the solution of a real practical problem
  • Get to know the challenges of the industry and find a suitable solution for them.
  • Develop innovative business models for world-leading companies
  • Have direct contact to senior executives and take the opportunity for your next career step

Integration into the lecture “Service Design & Engineering”

In addition to participating in the competition, students at RWTH Aachen University have the opportunity to register for the Service Design & Engineering lecture and receive credit points for their work: The development of new service offerings, especially those related to business development, is becoming increasingly important for companies in all industrial sectors. The lecture Service Design & Engineering therefore aims to give participants a comprehensive picture of available methods and skills that can support the development of new services. The lecture is based on various case studies, which are worked on in smaller teams. The lecture teaches participants different methods and strategies and gives students the chance to show what they have learned – the ideal preparation for a successful participation in the Case Competition. The lecture takes place in both winter and summer semesters and is held in English. Erasmus and exchange students are cordially invited to participate.

Crowd Innovation Competition: 2011-2020

Sieger des Innovation Award 2020

Case Competition: Open Innovation Student Competition 2020/1 and 2020/2 with Schaeffler

For the first time both Case Competition were provided by one company. Schaeffler was so convinced of the results of the first case competition “Develop a market entry strategy for a disruptive condition monitoring solution” that they not only awarded a special marketing prize, but also the next case competition in summer 2020 with the task: “Develop concepts to enhance the service portfolio of the future”. Would you also like to have cases worked on by innovative students or participate as a student yourself? Contact us for participation opportunities

Service Innovation Award 2020


Case Competition 2019/2 with Geotab

The second Case Competition of 2019 has successfully come to an end! At the end of August, the winning team has been announced: Francisco Almeida Machado and Niels developed a concept based on the functions of the GEOTAB dongle to determine the weight of vehicles while driving. Until now, this was only possible using stationary scales or expensive weighing sensors on the truck axles. The newly developed concept is particularly interesting and useful with regard to the current efforts of the EU concerning valid weight certificates for trucks. Do you want innovative students to work on your case idea? Or are you a student and wish to participate in the next competition? Feel free to contact us!

Case Competition_2019 Gewinner


Case Competition 2019/1 with Ford

The winners of the first Case Competition 2019 have been announced! Fifteen teams submitted their ideas for the task “Define the Commercial Vehicle of the Future through the Development of New Innovative Business Models and Services in the Ford Transit”. Five of those ideas, which the teams worked on since November, have impressed the jury so much that it is the aim to map them be strategically in the future and their exact content is kept under tight wraps. The team consisting of Philipp Stich and Dorothea Czempas won first prize! Now that this case competition has been successfully completed, the next one is already taking place: We celebrated the Kick-off in April 2019! Do you want young, innovative students to work on your case idea? Or are you a student and wish to participate in the next competition? Feel free to contact us!

Logo des Case-Competition-Partners 2018 Materialise

Case Competition 2018/2 with Materialise

The second case competition partner in 2018 was Materialise, an expert in the 3D printing industry. Following the overall motto “Your idea for Materialise”, students were invited to come up with creative new ideas for a specific imaginary problem of the company.  The winners have been chosen! This year’s Case Competition was again very successful and brought with it many innovative, creative solutions. We would like to thank all those involved, especially our case partner Materialise, the Walter Eversheim Foundation and the creative students who took part!

Prof. Dr. Volker Stich und Prof. Walter Eversheim mit den Gewinnern der Case Competition 2018 mit KUKA Robotik


Case Competition 2018/1 with KUKA ROBOTIK

In 2018, our first competition partner was Kuka Group – a global Automation Company with sales revenues of around 3 Billion euro and a workforce of approximately 13,200 worldwide. The winning teams of this years` competition have been announcend and they were presented with their prizes. Participants of the competition had to develop innovative Business models and Services for Kuka Robotics or take on a different point of view by imagineing being in the role of a Kuka competitor – trying to take over some of the market Shares Kuka currently holds. The winning team, RoLeP, consisted of Carolin Hamm and Christian Papp, both students at the RWTH Aachen University. Their solution consisted of an innovative learning platform, which allows customers and servic technicians to be trained directly with Kuka roboters with the help of AR/VR Technologies.

Case Competition 2017 mit Bosch


Case Competition 2017/2 with Bosch

Bosch is one of the biggest Technology companies operating in the area of automotive components, industrial products and building products. The innovative German Company serves customers worldwide with more than 390.000 employees and achieved a Revenue of € 73.1 billion in 2016. Bosch Thermotechnology is the leading European manufacturer of thermotechnology with € 3.3 billion sales Revenue in 2016. The company offers its customers throughout the world solutions for their room climate domestic hot water and decentralized energy Management requirements. Highly efficient technologies which also in many cases use renewable energies and make a significant contribution to implementing the energy transition. The product portfilio ranges from floor-standing and wall-hung boilers and water heaters to solar thermal systems, heat pumps for heating and cooling and on to large-scale commercial and industrial systems such as industrial boilers, CHP plants and waste heat recovery systems for industrial processes. Challenge 2017/2: Develop new connectivity based business models and services along the customer journey of heating systems.

Gewinner der Case Competition 2017 mit Royal Philips


Case Competition 2017/1 with Royal Philips

Royal Philips is one of the biggest technology companies operating in the area of electronics, healthcare and lighting. The innovative Dutch company serves customers worldwide with more than 100.000 employees and achieved a revenue of € 24.2 billion in 2015. Royal Philips is divided in three divisions: Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Philips Healthcare and Philips Lighting. Philips Lighting produce pioneering new developments in the field of high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting for both business customers and end-consumers. Philips Lighting’s future objective is to use the internet of things to transform lighting into a completely networked world – at home, in buildings and in urban Areas. Challenge 2017: Develop new value adding services for customers in the professional lighting market (B2B).

Case Competition 2016 mit SMS digital


Case Competition 2016/2 with SMS digital

SMS digital is a newly founded subsidiary of the SMS Holding. The company is set up as a start-up incubator for digital products for SMS group´s customers. SMS digital follows an entrepreneurial approach towards business and will work closely with SMS group’s business units to develop and sell products, which add value to the customers. The unit uses the design thinking method as well as lean start-up principles to act quickly and efficiently. Challenge 2016/2: Invent the future of services, based on digital documentation!

Case Competition 2016 mit DMG Mori


Case Competition 2016/1 with DMG Mori

DMG MORIS’ range of products includes innovative high-tech machines and services, as well as software and energy solutions, offered to a wide variety of customers in diverse regions and industries. In order to supply customers with all kinds of spare parts in size and weight, the DMG MORI SPARE PARTS GMBH deals with the overall organization of a worldwide spare parts supply chain. Within the daily business, parts have to be purchased and sold with the goal to fulfill customers’ expectations – a high spare parts availability at almost any place of the world – best. Challenge 2016/1: Innovative strategies for smart logistics of the future.

Case Competiton 2011 2012 mit Lufthansa Technik


Case Competition 2014/2015 with STREETSCOOTER

StreetScooter was founded in 2010 in cooperation with the RWTH Aachen. StreetScooter is based on the idea to make electric mobility economically attractive – not only for large quantities but also when only small volumes are requested. Thus, economy and ecology should be reconciled. The company is based in Aachen where electronic vehicles are developed and produced for short-range use. The current portfolio includes various types of vehicles, a compact car for everyday use, pedelecs as well as lightweight prototypes. Challenge 2014/2015: Develop your concept for car-to-cloud application services in the context of B2C and B2B.

Case Competition 2013 2014 mit der Deutschen Telekom


Case Competition 2013/2014 with Deutsche Telekom

The Deutsche Telekom has 144 million mobile customers and 32 million network line clients as well as 17 million broadband lines. The company is one of the leading integrated telecommunications companies worldwide (as of June 30th, 2013). The company provides products and services regarding the areas landlines, mobile networks, internet and IPTV for private and business customers. Challenge 2013/2014: Design your concept of a business model for M2M applications in the industrial context!

Case Competition 2012 2013 mit Siemens AG


Case Competition 2012/2013 with Siemens AG

With a clear structure in the fields of industry, energy, health care and infrastructural solutions, Siemens is the leading provider of innovative products, technologies and solutions. The company employs approx. 360.000 employees in over 190 countries worldwide. The company, founded over 160 years ago, supports its customers with innovative techniques and extensive know-how for the solution of their business and technical challenges. Challenge 2012/13: Develop your own concept of a business model for technological based Value Services in the automobile industry of Siemens AG.

Case Competiton 2011 2012 mit Lufthansa Technik


Case Competition 2011/2012 with Lufthansa Technik AG

Lufthansa Technik Logistik GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik AG. They offer pioneering logistics solutions for the aviation industry. The product portfolio includes the entire range of spare part logistics, high specialised engine transports and globally networked distribution solutions. They also offer instant material procurement and material supply, organisation and optimisation of repair cycles, proper storage and distribution as well as a worldwide 24-hour service. Challenge 2011/2012: Develop your own concept for the use of innovative technologies at the logistics specialist in the aviation industry Lufthansa Technik Logistik.

Case Competition 2010 2011 mit Royal Philips Electronics


Case Competition 2010/2011 with Royal Philips Electronics

Royal Philips Electronics is responsible for health topics and well-being based in the Netherlands. The company´s focus is on improving the quality of people´s lives and creating innovative solutions in the area of health care, consumer lifestyle and lighting. Philips employs approx. 122.000 employees in more than 100 countries. The company generated a turnover of 22.6 billion Euros in 2011. Royal Philips Electronics is a market leader in cardiology, emergency medicine, health care at home and energy efficient lighting solutions. Challenge 2010/2011: “Philips DirectLife, get fit your way”