When “I” turns into “we”: Meet the Center Smart Services Community

If we had to describe our Center Smart Services Community with a motto, it would probably have to be a quote by Henry Ford:

Getting together is the beginning, staying together is process and working together is success”

Although this is a quote from the last decade, company-founder and pioneer Ford expressed something with it that is still up-to-date and very important for us and our community members. Only a few years ago, the center was just an idea. In 2015, the foundation stone was laid and the center built. Today, we are excited about our success and our ever-growing community and international network of partnerships.
We would like to introduce our enrolled companies to you and introduce you to our latest projects. By doing so, we would like to show what kind of benefit and added value a membership in the Center Smart Services Community has to offer! It also helps to understand the organization of the Smart Logistics Cluster on RWTH Aachen Campus.

First, we would like to introduce Drees & Sommer. Drees & Sommer is a consulting company who is not only a member of the Center Smart Services, but also our neighbor and located near-by. We work together on different kind of projects in the construction and operation field. Read on to find out more!

The Center Smart Services Community