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10. December 2018

New Benchmarking: Make us of Subscription Business!

Smart services are no longer the only trend topic when it comes to the competitiveness of companies in Industrie 4.0: Once a new digital service has been offered successfully, the relationship between customer and the service-provoding company is almost obsolete – in most cases.

Viessmann Partner Center Smart Services
21. November 2018

Welcome, Viessmann

We Create Living Spaces For Generations to come” – this is the motto of the more than 100-year-old family business Viessmann. The company was one of the first in its industry to take up the challenges of digitisation and took advantage of the opportunities offered by digital services at an early stage. Online functions in Viessmann devices are now standard and topics such as IoT and Smart Home applications are part of day-to-day business.

Digitalisierungspotentiale im Facility Management
20. November 2018

Digitisation in Facility Management

The latest study by the Center Smart Services on the “Future of Facility Management” is progressing! The study participants met in Aachen to identify digitisation potential in their companies. The aim of the meeting was a detailed examination of existing…

Smart Services verkaufen
15. November 2018

How to sell Smart Services effectively

In the past, the mechanical and plant engineering sector sold (for the most part) tangible products such as machines and spare parts. Now, this portfolio contains a new “product”: digital services – in particular smart services. Because of this development, sales staff and product managers are facing new challenges they need to overcome.

Case Competition 2018-19 Kickoff mit FORD
6. November 2018

Students develop mobility solutions for the future

The new case competition partner for the 2018/2019 competition is Ford! This time, the Ford Research And Innovation Center Aachen is presenting an exciting task to creative students. The challenge is: “Define the commercial vehicle of the future through development of new innovative business models and services around the Ford Transit”…

GEOTAB immatrikulliert im Center Smart Services
30. October 2018

Welcome, Geotab!

We, the Center Smart Services team, are happy to welcome Geotab Germany on board! We will support Geotab in the fields of electromobility as well as in the design of Smart Cities and the resulting digital business models.

Signify Header
5. July 2018

Philips Lightning is now Signify!

History was made on Wednesday May 16 when Philips Lighting, the world leader in lighting, became Signify. The name change expresses the company`s vision to discover the great potential of light to contribute to a brighter life and an overall better world, explains CEO Eric Rondolat. We congratulate on the new name and are looking forward to great cooperations in the future!

Centerleiter des Center Smart Services Philipp Jussen im Interview
17. April 2018

Meet: Dr.-Ing. Philipp Jussen

In our series “Meet….” we want to give you a glimpse of the day-to-day work at the Centers Smart Services and introduce you to our employees and our areas of expertise. Do you want to know what we do and which Vision we pursue – read on to see what Dr. Phillipp Jussen, Head of the Centers Smart Services has to say!