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Further Education at the Center Smart Services

Nowadays, CEOs know how important digitisiation is for a company`s overall success. In theory. If it comes to day-to-day practice, however, many directors and CEOs still face challenges that are very difficult to overcome – because successful digitization requires new methods, solutions, technologies and skills.

In addition to this, they have to consider that the curent digital age often applies the motto “higher, faster, better” to everything that should be achieved – everyone wants to be as fast and efficient as possible. This high aspiration naturally clashes with the analogue subject involved, which is human mankind. Very often, digitization requires personnel to act contrary to what they have learned over the years. This means that they do not work with an in-depth planning of things in advance but instead have to be brave and try to work quickly to set up prototypes for an idea or solution and test them at an early point of the development process. They have to be able to not only collect data but use it! CEOs need to be trained to use social media, global networks, new ways of communication and data and evualte what they see – within seconds. Apart from this, they need to question the existing Business models, have courage to head into entirely different and new directions and risk the chance of making mistakes. They might even be necessary in order to react to market changes and learn for future activities.

Managers, CEOs, CIO, CDO, IT-Directors, Strategy Managers and Digital Directors now have the opportunity to gain expertise required for all of these decisions by participating in further education offerings at the Center Smart Services. The RWTH Aachen certified courses are the ideal education opportunity for everyone wishing to become an Industrie 4.0-player!

Education in cooperation with the International Academy at RWTH Aachen

Center Smart Services offers you University certificates in the field of academical/Research education with its course offerings in cooperation with the International Academy RWTH Aachen

The certified course program gives you and your personnel the opportunity to learn modern management methods and learn what is required to successfully transform a business or a single department or process as part of a digitziation strategy.

The courses consist of two modules which will take place separately and last approx. 3 days each. The course content includes scientifically backed knowledge and practice-related content regarding Industrie 4.0. For this reason, renowned presenters from different research and industry companies are responsible for the design of the education concept of the courses. As a result, participants will listen to presentations, participate in Workshops and work on use-cases and practical exercises, which will be easy to adapt for the use in different industry sectors. Because all courses are limited to a certain number of participants, individual questions can also be answered during the course. By encouraging specific questions and the Exchange of experiences amongst the participants, the learn effect is increased even more.



RWTH-certified course “Smart Service Manager”
According to recent studies, the demand for digital experts and smart service managers is high. The demand for personnel that holds certificates regarding their digital expertise also grows constantly. But how can this demand be met?
You can find the answer here.
Module I: 13. – 15.11.2019
Module 2: 25. – 27.11.2019 (more dates available)


RWTH-certified course “Business Transformation Manager”
This course will teach you all the required key competencies that are neccessary for you to realize and implement complex company changes. The course teaches the basics of transformation management and strongly practice-focused elements.
Use this opportunity now and qualify yourself in this highly up-to-date field of digitisation!
Module I: 08.05.2019 – 10.05.2019
Module 2: 22.05.2019 – 24.05.2019 (more dates available)
We are constantly working on keeping our further education up-to-date and focused on the latest developments and trends. We would be happy to inform you about new course offerings! Sign up for our newsletter if you wish to receive updates. If you have any questions regarding our seminars and courses or our work in general, feel free to contact us!