14. August 2019

Kuntze Instruments GmbH, a renowned provider of high-quality technologies for water analysis, is a new member of the Center Smart Services Community!

Founded in Germany in 1945, the family-owned company whose HQ ias located in Meerbusch, specialises in water analytics products for measuring disinfectants, pH value, redox potential and other parameters in water. The company also manufactures sensors in a company-owned production facility. Kuntze products are used internationally wherever water composition has to be tested such as in the area of drinking water treatment or in swimming pools. In addition to sensors, the portfolio also includes specially developed measuring Instruments, measuring systems and plants as a go-to-solution for various applications in very different industries.

Modern water analysis with Smart Services

Kuntze Instruments has already begun to take the path towards digitalization: With innovative service and software offerings, the company makes measuring activities considerably easier for its customers. Systems from Kuntze Instruments can already be controlled with a wide range of different devices, independent of the location and tim. Access to important measurement and analysis data is possible at any time via the so-called Cloud Connect® system. In order to derive relevant information from these key figures and transfer it into applicable, easy-to-use measures, the company also offers its customers its own data analysis services, which are carried out by in-house experts. Together with the Center Smart Services, the goal is now to actively expand the area of data analytics and drive innovations forward. The company’s constant strive for progress and optimization is a particularly important point and value driver for Kuntze Instruments. Dr. Arthur Kuntze, company founder, explains:

“Innovation is the core of the production of analytical equipment. Kuntze delivers innovation.”

In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, data scientist experts from Kuntze analyse measurement data and provide valuable decision-making bases for end-users, optimize maintenance processes and help to save costs by optimizing production processes. In all these areas, the Center Smart Services can provide valuable support with its in-depth expertise in the areas of data analytics, smart maintenance and smart service development. Together, we are set to further expand the company’s competitive advantage and develop a digital business model that will make Kuntze a successful player in Industrie 4.0.