The Future of the Textile Production Chain

Event series: The Future of the Textile Production Chain



Driven by rapid technological innovations, digitization is increasingly influencing our workplace. The textile industry is also affected by digital change and has to cope with fundamental changes. Customers demand better products, a larger product variety and more services. The textile manufacturers wish to have shorter lead times, a more transparent supply chain and higher efficiency. Traders, on the other hand, want to improve their deliveries and reduce their stock.

Possible solutions for all of these aspects can be found in digitisation, which helps to overcome traditional boundaries as we discovered during our first event “The Future of the Textile Production Chain” in October 2018, which focused on new digital business models. This time, the event will focus on the opportunities of digitization in textile production. Many companies have already dealt with this topic, but there is often a lack of support or ideas for specific digital implementations. Those who do not follow the trend at all, however, lose the connection and cannot secure their competitiveness on the market. The potential, however, is great: In addition to digital business models and the creation of transparent supply chains, optimized production processes in particular create new opportunities. The use of real-time data creates solutions for preventive machine maintenance and averts downtimes, which increases quality and efficiency of the production. Smart assistance systems support monotonous or complex workflows, which makes it possible to assign the production staff more flexibly to tasks.

Experience Day November 2019

The Cluster Smart Logistics PTC GmbH and ITA Academy GmbH have made it their goal to support you and your company in your digital transformation. After the successful kick-off event of our event series “Future of the textile chain” at the beginning of October 2018, we would like to invite you again and bring together representatives and experts of the textile industry. This time, the event will focus on the opportunities of digitization in textile production. In addition to exciting keynotes on current topics, you will have the opportunity to experience how a production is transformed from its lean status into a factory of the future in a realistic workshop-like model factory. In this practical example, you have the opportunity to interview employees at the shop floor directly about manufacturing and work processes and to analyze in a deficit analysis itself, which needs are to be covered and where feasible potential hidden. Only then is the actual transfer to a digitized production presented and demonstrated which digital applications are already used in this production example. We have already set the date for the third experience day, too! Mark November 5th, 2019 in your calendars.

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When: 05.11.2019, 9:00am
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