18. April 2019

News from Center Smart Services

We wish you a relaxing and sunny Easter! In May we start with our first LogObject Experience Day. On 09.05.2019 you will get first-hand insights into the “lessons learned” that Swisscom has made in the course of the digitalisation of…

10. April 2019

Smart Service Development – Speed and focus

Top performers develop smart services 8x faster and have 80% higher growth. Put your development approach to the test and share best practices with leading companies in the development of data-based business models!

29. March 2019

Future of the textile chain Guest at the textile learning factory

It was particularly exciting to see how a simple retro-fit and the resulting targeted support of the employees could increase productivity many times over. Topics such as the possible reduction of warehousing costs, increase in product quality and the reduction of machine downtimes were also discussed.

19. March 2019

Ford Case Competition

It was an exciting case and a complete success for Ford. In November 2018, the company gave students the task of “Define the commercial vehicle of the future through development of new innovative business models and services around the Ford…

18. March 2019

Digital Business Development

Should not especially digital business models, bearing so much potential, have a considerable share in specifying a digital impact direction? Moreover, which capabilities do producing companies

27. February 2019

Guide to sale Smart Services

78 solution modules sorted according to 8 topic clusters divided into 4 phases, that’s the result of the study on the sale of Smart Services